Who is Yoray Narainpersad

Hmmm… I’m 28 years of age, my favorite dessert is chocolate ice-cream, my star sign is capricorn. I love long walks on the beach, horse riding and love watching the sun rise. he hee! No just kidding – that sounds like  a dating ad. LOL! 🙂

My name is Yoray Narainpersad (pronounced U-ray; Na-ryan-persad), and I’m an internet marketer and SEO guru (so I’d like to think). I have been marketing online since the late 1990’s when all you had to do was optimise the title and meta data on your website and you would rank pretty well. As an affiliate marketer / internet marketer I made quite a decent amount of money, as I marketed (using Google adwords) a good few times with the same URL.   Now days, it is not so easy and marketing online is much more competitive not to mention the millions of websites out there.

I literally can design, develop and SEO a website from scratch and dominate a specific market i choose. Yes, i’m that good! 🙂

Seriously, many SEO experts optimise  their website(s) to get organic / natural traffic ie: attract traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing).  But is this good enough? Do they know what people are searching for? Are they analyzing trends? can they get a website ranking on the first page in approximately 2 weeks, when it generally takes 3 -6 months for Google to index your website?

..Well, that’s me! that’s exactly what i do. I don’t need to write long enticing sales page(s) to convince anyone that: ‘I say what i mean‘ and ‘I mean what i say‘.

I’m a simple dude, who will not just do what you may ask me to, but i will also give you my professional opinion  and advice. I am quite friendly, easy going with excellent communication skills (yes, i can get on with anyone- even the cranky ones :)).

My guarantee is that I WILL definitely drive tons of traffic to your website and definitely convert that traffic to PAYING CUSTOMERS (yes i have excellent conversion rates), coupled with my unique SEO & Internet Marketing strategies your website will undoubtedly rank well and in certain markets your website will dominate! However, i cant guarantee that your website will be number 1 on google, as this is never a guarantee! There are many deferential factors like domain age, and backlinks etc.. (more on this later).

My online marketing capabilities include: email marketing campaigns, article marketing, pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (popular ones – facebook, twitter, but there are many many more), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Press releases, affiliate marketing, blogging etc…as well as SEO (organic).

This looks pretty impressive, but there are many strategies for each one of these, and just creating a profile and listing your events for example on facebook is DEFINITELY NOT implementing a social media strategy, neither is attracting thousands of fans – the trick is how to market to them? Not just build a huge list of fans.

Enough, or I will be bragging on forever. Contact me for advice or just to chat, whatever pleases you! 🙂
Check out my tips and guidelines on SEO and internet marketing.


Yoray Narainpersad

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  1. Posted by Kathy on December 17, 2009 at 7:21 pm


    That’s just not good enough, where’s the photo? LOL


  2. ya ya ya show off I know you are damn good


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