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Email Marketing: Building Customer Loyalty

So, you have a website and you are getting decent traffic, but you want more! You also want your visitors to come to your website as often as possible; you want to build a relationship with them. You want them to become loyal visitors, and like what you have to offer.

Two words, email marketing!

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to implement if you want more traffic to your website daily, weekly, or monthly as well as building loyalty and a trustworthy relationship.

The aim is to create a membership website where you capture the visitors’ details ie: name, surname and email address. Keep it simple. Once you have these details you then send them tips, advices, informative articles, competitions, etc.. And this ideally will lead them to your website, increasing your traffic and rank.

You can signup with constant contacts (world’s best email marketing system), aweber, pmailer. The costs are listed on their websites, and you can create various different campaigns ie: health tip of the week, daily horoscope, monthly SEO tip. Choose a template of your choice or customise your own. You will be given a script (few lines of code) that you basically copy and paste onto your website. This allows your visitors to fill in their details and saves this information onto the email marketing system.

When you are ready you simply schedule your emails to go off on the specific date and time or click send for immediate delivery.

You must limit the amount of images as some mail servers will block mail that is too large in file size, and as a result you will be losing out on the traffic.

Monitor your bouncers, click through rates (CTR), new subscribers, and most popular articles, as these insights will determine the future success of your website traffic and rankings.

Most important attribute in email marketing is the subject line. Keep this short and to the point. If you are trying to build your brand then you must include your company name eg: ‘SEO agents – SEO tip of the week’. Do not use spammy words like ‘free, win’ etc.

Good luck, and remember always give the visitor what they desire!

Why we do what we do?

Have you ever noticed how other SEO specialists all follow the same process of optimising a website: They ask you for content + pics and they put together a very nice looking website, they then merely optimise the content you gave them, in the effort to try and rank your website. They obviously use the keywords from the content (that you gave them) and optimise accordingly. Does this ‘hit and run’ approach really work, especially if you (who has no idea how to optimise a website & select appropriate keywords) gave them the content?

This is exactly what I do not do!

I do not follow that approach. I am a guru in what I do because I believe that one needs to understand the market you are in and the type of clients you deal with, as well as knowing what your client requirements are especially, online. A lot of research including your clients’ trends and a comprehensive keyword analysis as well as a competitor analysis needs to be take place before any optimisation. I will first chat to you about your company, your products and services, then conduct my research.

I will tell you exactly what people are searching for in respect to your market. If people are searching for it, then give them what they want (that’s my approach!).  I will also look at googles historical data and analyse how many times a certain keyword or keyword phrases was searched for. I will discuss with you a comprehensive list of keywords, then either you or a seo copywriter will build content around those keywords, then only will my world class optimisation begins.